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Post-release survival of hand-reared tawny owls (Strix aluco) based on radio-tracking and leg-band return data


Leighton, K., Chilvers, D., Charles, A. & Kelly, A. (2008)

Animal Welfare 2008, 17:207-214


Author: Terri Amory

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bwrc tawny chick 1

Mortality factors affecting wild hedgehogs:

A study of records from wildlife rescue centres


Reeve, N.J. & Huijser, M.P. (1999)

Lutra, vol. 42 pages 7- 24


Author: Terri Amory

bwrc hedgehog

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The effect of translocation and temporary captivity on wildlife rehabilitation success: An experimental study using European hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus)


Molony, S.E., Dowding, C.V., Baker, P.J., Cuthill, I.C.

& Harris, S. (2006)

Biological Conservation 130: 530-537


Author: Terri Amory

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Factors that can be used to predict release rates for wildlife casualties


Molony, S.E., Baker, P.J., Garland, L., Cuthill, I.C.

& Harris, S., School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol (2007)

Animal Welfare 2007, Issue 16


Author: Terri Amory

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