Registered Charity No. 1157841

British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council




There is a legal necessity to be able to show reason for being in possession of most wild animals in the UK. To fulfil the requirements of Section 1 of Wildlife and Countryside Act the following should be recorded:-

Species, age, sex.

Date and time of receipt; origin or location of capture.

Name, address and telephone number and e-mail address of finder.

Condition on arrival; findings on examination, treatment administered and provisional prognosis.

Records should be kept throughout the period of captivity.



If dead or PTS post mortem findings if possible

If released, ring, tattoo, or chip number or other form of identification

Location of release

Records are important, not only for legal purposes, but to increase our knowledge of the treatment, diseases and ultimate fate of wildlife casualties. Every effort should be made to analyse the results of rehabilitation for publication in relevant newsletters and journals.