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British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

BWRC Conference Proceedings

The BWRC has published books documenting the presentations given by experts on various wildlife rehabilitation topics at some of the symposia it has held annually since 1988.


Details of the contents of each book, together with individual purchase prices, are provided below.


In addition to these books, some of the speakers' abstracts/presentations from more recent

Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition symposia are available to download below.

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Speakers' Presentations: Symposium of

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition 2009

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  Adam Grogan - The importance of research and data collection in wildlife rehabilitation


  Elizabeth Mullineaux - Reasons for the presentation of adult badger casualties to a  

  rehabilitation centre and veterinary surgery and outcomes following treatment


  Campbell Murn - Post-release monitoring of tawny owls


  Dr Toni Bunnell - Do hedgehogs born to late litters gain weight at the same rate as

  those born to early litters?


  Dr Pat Morris - Follow up studies of rehabilitated hedgehogs


  Katie Colvile - Hedgehog disease surveillance programme


  Terri Amory - Impact of legislation on wildlife rehabilitators – call for feedback:  

  presentation of survey results & open forum discussion

Proceedings 2000


The Proceedings of the Symposium of The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council 2000 (2002)


  Dr Marian Small - Introduction

  Dr Pat Morris - Rehabilitation: Some Perspectives

  Ian Robinson MRCVS - Health Monitoring of Casualties and Potential Threats Posed to Wildlife Populations

                                             by Released Casualties  

  Adam Grogan - Habitat Assessment for Release Schemes

  David Ramsden - Release Methods: the Practicalities With Particular Reference to Owls

  Dr Nigel Reeve - Post-Release Monitoring: the Practicalities

  Mike Toms - Survival Rates of Oiled Guillemots: Looking To The Future  

  Andrew Routh MRCVS - Oil Spill Successes: What Hope For Alcids?

  Ray Jackson - Lower Moss Wood Post Release Studies: Foxes 1998/99

   Dr Robert Atkinson - Symposium Summary

£8 inc p&p


The Proceedings of the Third Symposium of The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (1991)


  Pat Morris, S Munn & S Craig-Wood - Released Hedgehogs - Can They Cope?

  Norma Chapman - Deer: Assessment, Recovery, Release and Follow-Up

  Rosemary Green - Release Techniques for Otters: Theory and Practice

  Sandra Hogben - Preparation and Release of Common and Grey Seal Pups

  Ken Partridge - The Need for Ringing

  Steve Cooke - The Release of Mute Swans From Captivity

  Dennis Fenter - The Practicalities Involved in the Release of Wild Birds After Treatment

  Keith Corbett - Rescue and Relocation of British Reptiles



  Margaret E Cooper & Diane Sinclair - Wildlife Rehabilitation and the Law: an Introduction

  Stephen Harris & Don Jefferies - Working Within the Law: Practical Aspects of Wildlife Rehabilitation

  Brian Coles - A Veterinary Surgeon's Approach to Wildlife Casualties

  Les Stocker - First Aid - the Life Saver

  Joy Howell - Wound Management

  Ranald Munro - Zoonoses and Wildlife

  John E Cooper - Reptiles and Amphibians

  John Baker - Natural Causes of Illness and Death in Wild Grey Seals

Proceedings 1991

£5 inc p&p


Proceedings of the Inaugural Symposium of The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (1989)


  Wincey Willis - Opening Address

  John E Cooper - Care, Cure or Conservation: Developments and Dilemmas in Wildlife Rehabilitation

  Les Stocker - The Range of Species Treated at a Rehabilitation Unit

  Colin Seddon & Paul Yates - Initial Treatment of Wildlife Casualties

  John Goodman - Rearing Orphaned Young Wild Animals

  James K Kirkwood - Artificially Rearing Wild Mammals: Rationale and Techniques

  Laurance J Larmour - Hand Rearing Seal Pups at the Oban Sea Life Centre

  Sheila T Walsh & Robert E Stebbings - Care and Rehabilitation of Wild Bats  

  Ruth L Allen - Care and Hand-Raising of Young Red Deer

  Tim Thomas - A Diet For Hand Rearing Passerines

  Andrew G Greenwood - Assessment of Casualties for Release

  Stephen Harris - The Release of Wild Mammals After Treatment: Rationale, Problems and Techniques

  Philip J K Burton - Release of Wild Birds After Treatment

  Brian H Coles - Symposium Summary

  Les Stocker - The British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council - The Future

Proceedings 1989

£5 inc p&p

Symposium 2014 - Sunday Workshop Sessions (click below to download the following notes)


Animal Nursing Practical Workshop led by Dr Liz Mullineaux and Jenna Richardson (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine):