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British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

Appendix 4


It is suggested that each unit produces a 'statement of facilities' which will outline the maximum capacity of the unit and its working practices.


It is felt that in doing so units will look more critically at their facilities and methods of working and by regularly reviewing their 'statements' will have a basis for re-appraisal.


A list of items for inclusion in such a 'statement' might include:-


Species and maximum numbers of casualties to suit facilities available;


Hygiene routines - daily and weekly;


Personnel hygiene and accident prevention, compliance with the Health and Safety at Work legislation and Control of Substances Hazardous to

Health (COSHSH) Regulations;


Waste disposal;


Veterinary support;


Health & safety


Employees and Public Liability Insurance;


Unit’s policy regarding volunteers;


Associated centres;


Protocol to deal with an escape;


Procedure in the event of a fire.